Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Book Review Of First Came Forever By Annie Woods

*I rate this book 4.5/5.

I humbly thank Annie Woods the author of this wonderful book for sending me this review copy.

The book is about a girl named Erica who meets a boy named Alexandre aka Sasha. Initially, Erica is absolutely ignorant of Sasha’s mysterious background. But when she does, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Now, I am gonna go step by step in order to make myself elaborate enough.

Plot : The plot of the story is quite fascinating with a very lucid narration. It was quite unique. The events were quite serially arranged.

Character : I really loved the set of character. Each of them stood out with their persona.

Narration : Now, the narration was one of the best but also one of the most dragging part of the book, at least to me. Because, there was too much of information about things like even tiny minute details. It sort of took me too deep into things and then pulled me out.

It was moderately paced which is a plus point in itself.
Lastly, I would like to say, that it indeed was a delightful read and do recommend it. Also, I cannot wait for the sequel.

Blurb : “A beautiful romantic teen novel about overcoming barriers to be with the one you love, by Annie Woods. First Came Forever is the first book in a new trilogy following heroine Erica Lindell as an unexpected meeting changes her life forever. This swoon-worthy read for teens has several twists, including a love triangle and an assassination plot, where Erica is pushed to question her own aims and choices and make the hardest decisions of her life. What price is too high to pay, even for love? Backpacking with her high school friends, Erica’s life takes a thrilling new turn. Meeting the fascinating Sasha Ailes, she can’t help but fall completely and irrevocably in love with him. When he feels the same way about her, Erica finds herself drawn into a fairy tale love story that will set her life on a new direction. But Sasha has kept his true identity a secret. Finding out who he really is, Erica must overcome the betrayal and make the hardest choice of her life. Can she give up her own dreams to live in his world, or leave and lose him forever? First Came Forever is an enchanting, heart-wrenching story about friendship and first love and the devastating consequences a mistake can lead to. A deeply romantic read, full of characters who will stay with you for a long time.”

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